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Rehabilitation Services


Our rehabilitation services help restore individuals to optimal function and independence. We send our dedicated team of therapists to the home or living facility to provide traditional therapeutic techniques and modalities, as well as offer a variety of programs and services aimed at prevention, wellness and education. Therapists will carefully assess the clients’ needs and then provide the appropriate service with skill and care.

The following services may be covered by your Medicare Part A benefit and by many other types of insurance:

Physical Therapy:
Treatment of injury and disease by mechanical means, such as heat, light, exercise and massage.

Occupational Therapy:
Services given to help you return to usual activities (such as bathing, preparing meals and housekeeping) after illness.

Speech-Language Services:
Speech therapists assist with problems involving speech, language and swallowing. Communication problems can be present at birth or develop after an injury or illness, such as stroke.

Lymphedema Therapy:
Lymphedema is a chronic condition that involves swelling of the limbs or other body parts and impacts physical and psychosocial health. Provided by specially-trained, certified occupational and physical therapists, the therapy includes skin and nail care, manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, home exercise programs, and patient education to maximize mobility, function and independence.