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Customized Living Services

Accra Customized Living Services are a package of personalized component services designed to meet the assessed needs of an individual living in a qualified setting. The component services that can be included in a customized living service package include:

  • Incidental nursing services: medication setup, insulin draws
  • Home management tasks: snack and/or meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping/cleaning, or shopping
  • Supportive services: assisting with setting up appointments, managing funds, arranging for/or providing transportation, and/or socialization
  • Home care aide-like tasks: preparing modified diets, reminding consumers to take medications or perform exercises, assisting with dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Home health aide-like tasks: administration of medications, routine delegated medical procedures, assisting with bodily functions, assisting with range-of-motion exercises, providing skin care, central storage of medication

What are Customized Living Services?

12-24 hour customized living service is an individualized package of component services that, for a person living in a qualified setting, and in addition to other component services as outlined above, includes 12-24 hours of supervision of the person, provided in a way which is designed to meet that person’s documented, assessed needs.

Customized Living Locations

Accra provides customized living services in the following facilities:

Lake City
(651) 345-5000
Fax: (651) 345-5076

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