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Please note this information is based on the information we have received from the State at the Implementation Council meetings and based on current legislative language, any or all could change when the final approval is received.

The State has a CFSS website where you can get more information. The link to that website is: http://mn.gov/dhs/people-we-serve/people-with-disabilities/services/home-community/programs-and-services/cfss.jsp

The State is not giving a date for the implementation of CFSS as they are in negotiations with the federal government to obtain approval and cannot estimate when approval will be granted.

The State has issued the first two Requests for Proposal for two of the required service providers for CFSS, the first was for the Fiscal Management Service that individuals who use the budget model will be required to use. The second was for the Consultation Service which will be the first point of entry for all individuals that use CFSS. The Consultation Service will provide training and technical assistance for service recipients, and will assist with the person-centered plan development. DHS has not announced who they have selected to be the providers for these services.

With the recent passing of the PCA Union we have received questions on how this will impact CFSS. At this point we do not know and will be looking to the State for updates. We will pass that information along to you when we receive it.

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